How It All Began

At TreeLicious, we are keeping a family tradition of farming alive for its 7th generation.  Located in western New Jersey, in the heart of Warren County, alongside a stop on the old Morris Canal, our 130-acre orchard produces many varieties of fruit, both heritage varieties and new hybrids.  Ed and Carol Kesler purchased this working farm back in the 1980s as a place to raise both a family and the proper food to feed them.

The well-drained hillsides are perfect for fruit trees, and they reminded Ed of his childhood home in West Virginia “hollers.” Carol got a chance to bring her childhood memories to life when she opened Just Made Bakery in October 1997 and started using the recipes with which she grew up.

The family tradition continues, with son James managing the day-to-day farm operations, greeting and guiding the “pick-your-own” visitors, and spreading the word about good, local food.

We strive to bring the most current methods of low-impact farming, like integrated pest management, to the task of preserving the best-tasting traditional varieties of apples, peaches, plums, pears, apricots, and cherries. We celebrated our 25th year of farming in 2009, and we are looking forward to a growing future.

About Tree-Licious Orchards:   The Kesler Family started Tree-Licious Orchards 35 years ago to provide fresh fruit and vegetables for the benefit of the community and their family.   The Kesler’s follow a low pesticide “integrated pest management” model.   Today, Tree-Licious Orchards grows 9 types of fruit, 73 varieties of apples and many varieties of vegetables over the growing season – following this same practice – minimal pesticide so the fruits and vegetables may be picked and enjoyed immediately –without scrubbing and peeling.

What does “low spray” mean?  This means the fruit and vegetables can be enjoyed directly from the orchards and fields  – no wax,  residue or commercial packaging. It also means the fruit and vegetables may display skin deep, exterior blemishes or “freckles”.   While the fruit and vegetable may appear “ugly” on the outside – they are delicious on the inside.   The fruit and vegetables are not shipped across country to a commercial market  – reach for a tomato, apple or peach on the way home from farmers market and enjoy yummy goodness straight from the farm!

Tree-Licious Orchards sponsors several on farm opportunities throughout the season including Pick Your Own from early July through October, monthly Farm to Table Dinners and family events at the farm. Please visit us at the farm, at the market or at a farm event.   Please visit us on the web at  for events and pictures.

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