2018 Tree-Licious Orchards Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Share Program

(Also known as Community Supported Agriculture or CSA)

Imagine serving your family local fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the growing season? With Tree-Licious Orchards’ Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Share Program (CSA), each week you can enjoy a share of the fresh vegetables and fruit currently harvested at the farm. It’s simple to join our CSA. Once you do you can pick up of your weekly share at our Tree-Licious Farm Market in Port Murray, NJ, at our Just Made Bakery in Hackettstown, or at a local site near your home in Northern NJ. Each week we deliver your fresh fruit and vegetables to your designated pick up location in a convenient carry tote.

Our family is pleased to offer several options to meet your dietary preference and lifestyle!

Option 1: Full Share – Vegetable and Fruit Share

  • 19 weeks of fresh vegetables and fruit starting the week of June 25th weekly and going through the week of October 29th. This option provides in-season vegetables and fruit for a family. The vegetables will include weekly vegetables in season including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini, corn, peppers, root vegetables, and squash. In addition, the fruit in the Share will include fruit available that week for harvest in season including berries, plums, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apples, and pears.
    Full Share Price: $35/week or $665 for a Full Share Season
    Early Bird Discount:  Sign up and pay in full by April 30th for a special discounted price of $600 for the season

Option 2: Half Share – Vegetable and Fruit Share

  • The Half Share is the same as the Full Share but provides half the quantity of vegetables and fruit.This option is perfect for one or two people who enjoy fresh in-season vegetables and fruit.
    Half Share Price: $23/week or $437 for a Half Share Season
    Early Bird Discount: Sign up and pay in full by April 30th for a special discounted price of $400 for the season

Option 3:  Full Share – Fruit Share 

  • 22 weeks of fresh fruit starting the week of June 25th and going through to the week of November 12th. This option is perfect for a family who loves fresh, in-season fruit. Many families plant a garden and enjoy a harvest of fresh vegetables, but fresh fruit is hard to grow on your own. That’s when our Full Share Fruit Share makes sense. The fruits harvested weekly vary with the season and include cherries, blueberries, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, apples and /or pears based on farm production and weather conditions. The weekly “market basket” includes at least two or three fresh fruit selections each week that are grown at our Tree-Licious Orchards and picked fresh for your enjoyment.
    Full Share – Fruit Share Price: $15/week or $330 for a Full Share Season

Option 4: Half Share – Fruit Share 

  • The Half Share – Fruit Share is the same as Full Share – Fruit Share but provides half the quantity of delicious, fresh, in-season fruit harvested weekly. This option is ideal for smaller families.
    Half Share – Fruit Share  Price: $10/week or $220 for a Fruit Share Half Share Season

Option 5: Weekly Egg Share

  • As a new option for 2018, Tree-Licious is offering a weekly share of a dozen eggs to accompany your order for Option 1 to 4 above. This option includes a dozen brown, free-range eggs – just like the eggs sold at our Farm Markets and Just Made Bakery. They are fresh and healthy for you. Adding this option is an ideal way to easily shop for key ingredients for your home without an extra stop.
    Price for Weekly Egg Share: $4/dozen – total depends on the number of weeks selected in options above.

Option 6: Monthly Fresh Fruit Pie Share

  • This option provides a delicious, fresh pie made from fresh fruit grown at Tree-Licious Orchards and prepared at our Just Made Bakery for your enjoyment. All of our pies are prepared from scratch with our fresh fruit. This Fresh Fruit Pie Share provides a monthly taste of our delicious, in-season fruit in the form of a yummy dessert!  Add a scoop of ice cream or enjoy your pie as is!
    Price for Monthly Fresh Fruit Pie Share: $15/month or $75 for the season (late June – October)

Current Tree-Licious Orchards Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Share Pick Up Locations:

    • Just Made Bakery, Hackettstown, NJ – Tuesday 8 am to 1 pm
    • Tree-Licious Orchards Farm Market, Port Murray, NJ – Monday night 7 pm – 9 pm; Thursday night 7 pm – 9 pm
    • Montclair Farmers Market Site – Saturdays – 8 am – 10 am

And more locations coming soon!

New for 2018

We are looking to expand our pick up locations and are seeking Host Families and Small Businesses who are interested in partnering with Tree-Licious Orchards.

This is an opportunity for our loyal customers who may have a garage, porch or small employee area available for weekly deliveries of the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Share Program.  The Share packages will be delivered to you by our team for weekly pick up at your site by Share Members who have enrolled and have chosen your site for their pickup. We will provide lists and orientation to assist with set up. We would welcome your assistance in enrolling friends, family, and colleagues who enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables and who would be interested in picking up their share at your site.

The benefit to you: As the host, for a minimum of 20 other share participants, you will receive your Share at no charge. We appreciate the partnership with our host families who will be allowing other Share members access to pick up their shares of fresh fruits and /or vegetables at your home or business.

We are seeking locations in Summit, Maplewood, Montclair, South Orange, Livingston, Long Valley, Chester, and Hackettstown to add to our pick up locations above.

If you are interested in hosting and enjoy contributing to your community, please contact Carol Kesler for details at 908-852-7191 (Tuesday through Saturday) or contact Ginger Kesler Carlson via email at treeliciousorchards@gmail.com.

Many thanks for considering participation in the Tree-Licious Orchards Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Share Program.

The Kesler Family c 2018

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