2017 CSA Options – Fruit Share from Tree-Licious Orchards and Just Made Bakery

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A weekly “market basket” of fruits grown on our orchard in Warren County and in season for that week. The basket includes a variety of stone fruits depending on the harvest from the orchard that week. For example, in June, the weekly share may include sweet cherries, sour cherries, and early apricots or blueberries. In early July, we harvest apricots, plums, blueberries and early peaches – these are mixed into the weekly share. August marks the high point of our delicious tree ripened yellow and white peaches, nectarines and the first pears – not to mention early apples. In September, October, and November we harvest over 70 varieties of apples and many pears. In these months, the share includes 4 types of apples and a pear variety every week. The fruit is always ideal for eating in hand or using in your favorite baked goods. The composition of the basket changes from week to week depending on what is in season.

Option 1 – Cost $330 for 22 weeks: Full Fruit Share – $15/week –  market basket of fruit types in season from our orchard; fruit varieties will include cherries in season  berries in season, peaches, plums, apples, and pears – as the season progresses from June 20th through Nov 14th at bakery  or June 24 – Nov 18th in Montclair

Option 2 – Cost $75/5 deliveries: Monthly Dessert Share  – June – November – large pie or cake with fruit delivered on 3rd Tuesday  or 3rd Saturday of each month; dessert will serve 6+, can be frozen and will be made from our fresh fruit in season; Dessert will be prepared at our Just Made Bakery for delivery

Two Locations and Day of Week – Options for Pick Up:

  • Tuesday –  Just Made Bakery  – 9am – Noon – June 20 – Nov 14, 2017
  • Saturday – Montclair Farmers Market – 8-10am – June 24 – Nov 18, 2017

We thank you for your participation in the Tree-Licious Orchards Fruit Share.  Please visit our website at treeliciousorchards.com to see pictures of the trees and to learn about events at our orchard during the growing season.  We hope you can visit us this season!

Phone:  908-852-7191, 908-689-2906 | Fax:  908-852-7142


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